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Rolande Candle - Forrest Green

Rolande Candle - Forrest Green


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Our Rolande candle sparks beauty and light to your table setting. The exquisite hues of Rolande add touches of colour highlighting the beauty and warmth of your table setting, creating a mood and ambience to your dining experience. Pair Rolande with other candles in this collection. Rolande's twisted body looks superb with our Gaston, Jacques, Moniek and our one of a kind; Louis. Enjoy your next event surrounded by a visual and tasteful feast. 

Sold as a set of 2
2.2cm x 21cm
Burn time approximately 5 hours
Lacquered candle  
Made in EU 

Care instructions:
Rolande needs to be placed on a stable heat resistant surface at all times.
A draught will cause dripping and Rolande's burn time will be reduced. Make sure Rolande is kept away from pets, children and flammable items to avoid possible hazards. Rolande's wick needs to be trimmed to 1cm before burning.
Please do not leave Rolande unattended!