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To make a house a home, you need pieces of furniture that are special. You need unique and stylish items that give your living space character and charm.

Crave Wares has the kind of exquisite furniture that only a specialised homewares boutique can offer. Our eclectic range features beautifully crafted furniture pieces that have been hand-selected from all around the world.

Modern home furniture

A modern lifestyle requires modern home furniture. Modern furniture is all about exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and great functionality. Crave Wares selects modern home furniture items that tick all of these boxes. We also focus on furniture that has NOT been mass-produced. Our passion is for modern home furniture that has been handmade by expert artisans. A fine example of this is the Malawi chair.

The Malawi Chair

The much-loved Malawi chair is a naturally elegant item of furniture. This cane armchair is the ideal accent piece for any room in your home, whether indoors or outdoors. The Malawi chair instantly injects texture into any living space, with its beautiful woven pattern.

The Malawi cane chair takes its name from the country in which it is made, Malawi, a southeastern African nation with a proud tradition of craftworks.

Malawi chairs showcase the talents of the local artisans, who hand-carve wood from the exotic Malawi eucalyptus tree to make the curved frames. Experienced weavers then expertly create intricate woven patterns with long rattan strips, working their way methodically down the sides of the chair and across the seat. The final product is a chair in which you’ll always be sitting pretty.

Many customers who have invested in a Malawi chair love it so much that they buy another one! Wouldn't you like to add natural splendour to your home with an original Malawi chair? Purchase one today at our online shop.

Naturally elegant furniture and homewares

Find out more about Crave Wares on our About Us page. Our product range is constantly evolving. If you’d like more information about our beautiful, eclectic collection of furniture and homewares, Contact Us today at our Sydney, NSW, Australia boutique in Bellevue Hill.

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