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The secret to making your home look chic, cosy and inviting, is to use home decor pieces made from natural materials. Wood, cane, jute, brass and stone - all of these create impact, yet blend harmoniously with numerous design themes.

What's more, home decor made from natural elements has a soothing effect, providing the perfect antidote to a fast-paced, modern lifestyle.

At Crave Wares we provide a stunning range of home decor online and in our boutique. The collection includes living room decor, kitchen decor and more.

While items in our house decoration range are mostly made from natural materials, we also have products made from polyresin, an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material.


Woven baskets are a simple way to decorate any room. Their unique woven texture makes a statement while adding warmth and rustic charm. Moreover, baskets are a clever way to store household essentials. Our decorative Binga Baskets make ideal food platters while our larger handmade Buhera Baskets are perfect for stowing toys, throws and clothes.

Wooden homewares

Homemade wooden boards and bowls make any living space more attractive. They give off a natural, healthy glow and help create a cosy vibe.

At Crave Wares our beautiful range of boards and bowls includes the original wooden chapati board, a timeless handcrafted piece with endless versatility. Great as a platform for serving food yet equally at home as a plant stand or display stand for that special work of art.

Just as stunning is our wooden Yi Bowls. These lovely, Asian-inspired items are perfect as fruit bowls, bottle stations and trinket holders.

Adorn your walls

Add natural beauty to your walls with our show-stopping Jute Wall Hanging. Handmade by Bangladeshi craft workers, these one-of-a-kind artworks are made from natural textile fibres derived from the jute plant. The hangings are the ultimate in ethically-produced homewares.

Shop home decor online

Browse our home decor online today and buy vases, baskets, bowls, boards, hangings and much more. 

To find out more about Crave Wares, visit our About Us page. If you would like to know more about any of our unique products, please Contact Us today, at our boutique in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
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