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Nature's Palette: How Terracotta & Olive Enhance Biophilic Design

In the world of design, the concept of biophilic design has gained immense popularity, bridging the gap between nature and interiors. At the heart of this approach lies the idea of creating spaces that foster a deep connection with the natural world. We delve into how the Terracotta & Olive collection seamlessly integrates with the principles of biophilic design, enhancing your living spaces with an organic charm.

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Embracing Nature's Hues: Terracotta & Olive as Biophilic Anchors

Incorporating nature's hues into interior design has never been more enticing. The Terracotta & Olive collection offers a captivating fusion of warm terracotta and soothing olive tones, creating a bridge between your living space and the great outdoors. The Linen Dining Tablecloth in Olive becomes a canvas of verdant expression, inviting the tranquility of lush foliage into your dining area. It's more than a tablecloth – it's an embodiment of biophilic design, where the colors of nature converge to create a harmonious atmosphere. 

soft-linen-green-dining-tablecloth-olive, table

Complementing this, the Comme Ça Green Linen Serviettes Set doesn't just add a pop of color, but also introduces a tactile layer to your dining experience. The texture of linen echoes the sensation of leaves under your fingertips, a gentle reminder of the world beyond your windows.

comme-ca-green-linen-serviettes-set-of-4-house-interior, table

Capturing Sunlit Comfort: Warmth in Glassware

Amidst the artistry of biophilic design, our Fazeek Two Wave Coupe Glasses cast a mesmerizing spell. Embrace the biophilic warmth of nature through these captivating glasses, available in both soothing Amber and refreshing Green. The Amber variant conjures the hues of a sun-kissed forest, infusing your sips with the gentle glow of golden hours. On the other hand, the Green option captures the vitality of lush foliage, inviting the vibrancy of nature's palette to your table. These glasses aren't just vessels; they're gateways to an experience that resonates with the great outdoors. Whether it's morning coffee or evening cocktails, every sip becomes a journey into biophilic enchantment, harmonizing your senses with the world around you.

set-of-two-wave-coupe-glasses-amber, shawdow

set-of-two-wave-coupe-glasses-green, shawdow









Functionality Inspired by Foliage: Sabre Bistrot Fern Green Collection

The Sabre Bistrot Fern Green Collection embodies the beauty and functionality of biophilic design. The intricate leaf-like shades of the Spoon, Spreader, and Fork mimic the delicate forms found in nature, making these utensils more than just tools – they're a nod to the artistry of the environment.

In your kitchen or on your dining table, these pieces seamlessly blend into your biophilic-inspired space, elevating both aesthetics and functionality. Each meal becomes a celebration of nature's elegance, a reminder that design can pay homage to the world outside while serving a purpose within.

sabre-bistrot-fork-spoon-spreader-set-fern-green, on table

Incorporating the Terracotta & Olive collection into your biophilic design journey is an ode to the wonders of the natural world. Through colors, textures, and forms, these products weave a narrative of harmony between indoors and outdoors. Let your living spaces become a testament to your connection with nature – a place where biophilic design thrives and the lines between exterior and interior blur into a captivating symphony.