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Elsi Anklet
Elsi Anklet
Elsi Anklet

Elsi Anklet


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Our Elsi anklet is simple and elegant and will satisfy any true bohemian soul. Designed to be worn with or without the shell, this anklet can suit any mood! The shell can even be removed and worn as a pendant on your favourite necklace or bracelet.

For this reason, we suggest only opening the figure of eight clasps from the side that does not hold the shell. 

Do not mishandle the figure of eight clasps by opening the clasp back and forth excessively. If the latch is not closed correctly the shell may fall off, it will not be considered a fault if you lose the shell, however, you can purchase another.

All Cowrie shells are sustainably sourced and handpicked in India by Celeste.

These come in a box ready to be gifted, with one complimentary professional polish cloth

Approx 27-28 cm if outstretched long,

All shells vary in size, colour and appearance.

Brass may leave a harmless stain on your skin at first especial from salt water, sweat and sunscreen. This will fade or stop happening with wear. We provided a complimentary polish cloth with every order to keep your anklet shiny and you can purchase more if needed. We suggest rinsing the anklet with fresh water and once dry keeping in a zip locked bag when not in use.